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Why Does it Seem so Hard to Find Love Over 50

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When we’re young, it seems like love comes so easily. From summer flings to long-term relationships, meeting new people and feeling the fizz of early attraction is something that we all associate with our youth. Strangely though, as we grow older those events and feelings seem to become harder and harder to come by. It’s […]

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Are Tinder and Bumble Right for Over 50s?

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Finding love online is, today, more complicated than it has ever been before. Of course, we’re not talking about actually using online dating websites – that’s gotten much, much easier. No, we’re talking about picking an online dating platform to reward with your custom. From dating websites with a broad remit to those with specific […]

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10 Essential Tips for Dating in your Fifties

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Finding yourself back on the dating scene can be a daunting moment for anyone. Perhaps we’ve been in a long-term relationship or marriage, or maybe we’ve just been putting our work before our personal life, but climbing back on the horse over 50 can feel strange and unfamiliar. Our customers often come to us for […]

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Men: Dress to Impress

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Mature dating can feel like a minefield. Creating a profile, reaching out to new people or choosing the perfect venue for a first date can be fraught with worry and a million small decisions. Throw in what to wear and it can seem overwhelming, especially for men who may not have rethought their personal style […]

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Women: How to Dress to Impress

stylish older woman

Your appearance sends thousands of signals to your date before you even say hello. This certainly doesn’t mean that you should dress in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or is a complete departure from your usual style. What it does mean is that you should spend some time and care considering what you […]

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Learn to Rid yourself of Divorce Guilt

divorce guilt over 50

When a marriage fails, there’s no shortage of pain which enters your life. Though marriages can be hard, unpleasant and thankless, many of us wish we could turn back time and give it another go. That desire is rooted firmly in guilt; guilt that you couldn’t make it work, that you feel like you let […]

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