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Category: Blog

What to Wear on your First Date, What Not to Wear and More!

mature dressing date

First dates are, in a word, amazing. They’re the culmination of countless hours thought, preparation and anticipation. They’re the moment you know whether the person you’ve been getting to know through a mature dating website is the kind of person you want to really get to know. As such, they can be pretty nerve-wracking occasions, […]

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Where’s the Best Place to Meet Mature Religious Singles?

meet over 50 singles

For so many of us, finding the right person is about more than finding somebody who we’re physically and emotionally attracted to. It’s about finding somebody who shares the same spiritual outlook as ourselves, somebody who we can share our faith with and develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with. It’s a wrinkle that, in […]

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A History of Non-Traditional Dating, Starting in 1695

mature non traditional online dating

When we think about dating throughout the ages, we think about how conventions have changed. How women have gained a greater voice and enjoy more control, how social conventions have shifted to allow men and women to meet freely and how we’ve extended the courtship period dramatically. The biggest change, however, hasn’t come through a […]

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Why Over 50s Are So Much Better at Dating Online

why we're so great at dating online

When you think of online dating, you probably think it’s something of a young person’s game. After all, it’s young people who still make up the largest share of daters online, and they’re the ones who regularly feature in media coverage of online dating. Surely, they’d also be the most successful online? Well, that’s not […]

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The Best Date Ideas for Mature Daters

first date ideas

Dating is, in a word, absolutely thrilling. It’s the moment where our nervousness meets the excitement of potential, where we discover if our good feeling was on the money and maybe, just maybe, it’s the moment where we meet that special person that will change our lives. It’s a feeling that we’re familiar from our […]

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Sex in your Fifties & Over – What You Need to Know

nervous about sex

When you’re out of a relationship physical intimacy can prove incredibly elusive – especially when we’re over 50. Busy personal lives lead to side-lined private lives, and in turn that can lead to a dry patch that sees many of us going without sex for years (sometimes decades!) at a time. It’s more common than […]

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Does Money Influence Dating Decisions?

is money important mature dating

When it comes to dating, we each play to our strengths. It might be our kindness, our humour, our intelligence or our looks, but we all find a way to make the most of what we’ve got – regardless of whether we think we have much It’s the same with online dating, as we (consciously […]

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Dating is More Fun as you Get Older, Study Finds

mature single dating

For those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to date in our fifties and beyond, the thought of heading back out onto the scene can be… Daunting, shall we say. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions like ‘are we still sexy?’, ‘can we still flirt?’ and ‘what’s appropriate at our age?’ when really, […]

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Christmas Dating – Is it Possible to Find Love in December?

find a christmas date over 50

With the sounds of Christmas anthems blasting out of every high-street shop and evenings drenched by neon lit Christmas signs, there’s no doubting that it’s that time of the year again. However, whilst we’re busy picking out presents, fretting over dinner and drawing up New Years plans, there’s no getting away from the fact that […]

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