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10 Essential Tips for Dating in your Fifties

Finding yourself back on the mature dating scene can be a daunting moment for anyone. Perhaps we’ve been in a long-term relationship or marriage, or maybe we’ve just been putting our work before our personal life, but climbing back on the horse over 50 can feel strange and unfamiliar.

Our customers often come to us for advice about what they need to know about finding love over 50, which is why we’ve drawn up these ten pieces of essential dating advice for single over 50 hopefuls. Join us, won’t you?


Take the time to explore how the dating scene works over fifty. We’ve all changed in the years since our younger days, and so has the dating world. There haven’t been any dramatic changes, but by dipping your toes in first, you’ll get a feel of the water.

Know that first-date nerves are a natural consequence of the excitement and possibility of new love. Though knowing that doesn’t take away the anxiety, but know that your date is feeling the same way. If it’s proving too much, consider setting a first date where you know its structure – during your lunch hour.

Make the most of services which have been created for you. While many of us were out living our lives, a multitude of services sprung up to help senior singles find the love they so richly deserve. That means online dating websites like ours, Maturity Dating, which is exclusively for over 50s.

Don’t worry if all your conversations don’t end up in dates. It’s just like real life! If for whatever reason, chemistry just isn’t happening between you, relax and know that there’s plenty more fish in the (virtual) sea.

Nervous about meeting somebody you met online? Suggest a phone call one evening. There’s nothing like hearing another person’s voice to remind you that you’re talking to a real human.

Make the first approach! Playing coy might work from time to time in real life, but online there’s no value in hoping that somebody else notices you and sends you a message first. Be bold, be confident and reach out. This goes doubly true for women, with studies finding that women who reach out first date more attractive men and gain more responses than if they’d waited to be spoken to first.

Be positive on your dating profile. Here in Britain we’re not too keen on making a fuss about ourselves, but being positive about our personality is a great way to attract new people. If you’re struggling what to write, why not ask a pal for a reference on your lovelier qualities?

Choose your dating profile picture carefully. It’s the first thing potential matches will see, and will set the tone for the rest of their exploration of your profile. Take a new picture and break out your cheesiest smile – it’s what studies have found people like best!

Try dating outside of your usual type. This doesn’t mean going for a git if you’ve been with kind partners before, but it does mean expanding your horizons just a little bit. Beyond your typical field of view are hundreds, if not thousands, of fantastic potential partners.

Don’t feel dejected if one date doesn’t work for you. Putting all your hopes on one particular date can lead to you feeling let down if it doesn’t work out. Avoid that feeling by treating each date as simply an opportunity to meet an interesting new person. If the sparks start to fly, fantastic! If not? Well, you’ve lost nothing at all.

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