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5 Huge Reasons Why Mature Men Should Date Their Own Age

Whether we like it or not dating and age are two incredibly sensitive subjects which, when put together, make for the most sensitive subject of all – should we be dating our own age?

After all, age is just a number in most respects, but there are some excellent reasons why dating your own age as a mature man is the smarter way to go about things.

Studies have found that though most older men are attracted to both younger and older women, there remains a significant number who simply refuse to entertain dating a woman their own age. In those cases, men are missing a huge trick by so dramatically limiting their search.

Here are five massive reasons why those mature men should date women their own age:

You’re at a similar stage in life

Getting older is something that we all experience, but until it happens to us, it’s impossible to really know what it feels like. By dating along the same age lines as yourself, you’ll be getting to know somebody who really understands what life is like.

It’s also true that by dating a mature single woman, you’ll be better able to synchronise your lives and plan things like a shared retirement, comfortable in the knowledge that you’re both in the same stage of life.

She’ll appreciate you physically more

As we grow older, our bodies change and we can become self-conscious about what we look like under our clothes. It’s not a rational feeling, but it’s a common one nonetheless. By dating somebody near our own age, you’ll be dating somebody which is going through the same thing, thus eliminating the feelings of embarrassment and shame that some of us feel.

Women your own age simply appreciate your physical body more than younger women.

You’ll share the same cultural experience

Every generation and experiences life differently, and though dating outside of your generation can prove interesting, it’s not often the recipe for a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

By dating somebody close to your own age, you’re more likely to appreciate the same music, films, books, activities and have a similar worldview.

Your partnership will be more equal

It can be fun to be a mentor from time to time, but in the long term it’s simply tiresome. By dating a mature single woman, you’ll spend less time teaching and more time-sharing experiences together. It becomes less about status and finance and more about expressions of personality.

You’ll have more mutual friends

It’s no secret that people tend to converse more with their peers than they do with those significantly older or younger than themselves. It’s a fact that makes dating across age lines awkward, but not when you’re dating a single over 50 woman.

Introducing and integrating your new partner with friends and family is just that much simpler when you’re dating somebody your age, another huge reason why you should date along your own age.

Meeting women your own age is easier than it’s ever been before, with mature online dating taking off in a big way. Here at Maturity Dating, it’s completely free to sign up, so what are you waiting for? If you need advice on the perfect dating profile, go here

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