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5 Things Women Want From a Relationship

Coming into a relationship in your 40s, 50s or 60s is very different to starting a relationship in your 20s or 30s. It’s little wonder then, that for many women their priorities shift as they enter a different phase in their life.

So, what’s the answer to the age-old question – what do women want?

Of course, every mature woman has a unique and vibrant set of needs. But there are many common threads when you start talking to older women what they are looking for in an ideal date or a new relationship.

Read on to explore what mature women really want.

They want someone to laugh with.

It’s easy to forget when you are nervously anticipating a date but relationships and dating should be fun! Having someone who shares your sense of humour and doesn’t take themselves too seriously is high on a woman’s list of priorities for a new partner. Next time you meet a new date – remember to relax and have a giggle.

They want to be with someone who accepts them for who they are.

Many women have spent their lives trying to fit someone else’s idea of what they should be. This might be pressure from a past partner, from family or even the wider media. As women enter their middle age they don’t want to deal with all that nonsense anymore. They want someone who accepts them for them. Men – never try to change the woman you are dating.

They want it to be easy.

If you are dating later in life it’s very possible that you have been through one or more difficult relationships. The stress and heartache of a bad relationship is something many women want to leave in the past. A new dating experience or relationship should be positive, low in stress and never feel like a battle. Keep things simple and the lines of communication open.

They want to keep their independence.

Mature women often have varied social interests, great friendship groups, and families. They aren’t looking for a white knight to sweep them away but a partner to add to their already full lives. Never expect a woman to drop all her other interests to focus her attention on you. This doesn’t lead to happy or healthy relationships. Accept that your amazing date will have other demands and priorities.

They want romance (and lots of it)

Romance shouldn’t die when you hit 40. Mature women love it when their date makes a little more effort. Buy her some gorgeous flowers, get the best table at a candlelit restaurant or surprise her with tickets to see a play you know she will love. It’s important to make an effort and show her just how much you care.

Taking the time to understand what a potential partner wants from a date or a relationship can make you a better match so always try to put yourself in their shoes.

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