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6 Amazing Findings from an Over 50 Dating Study

One of the most amazing gifts that the internet has offered society is the chance for each of us to find love in our own time and on our own terms. Slowly but surely, internet dating has become more and more popular amongst over 50 daters.

Today, the 50-76 segment is the fastest growing area of online dating, with countless millions around the world taking control of their dating life and finding love. Here in the UK, we’ve been privileged enough to connect countless vibrant, brilliant people. Now, in a new survey by an American dating website, we’ve gained a little more insight into what over 50 daters think and feel on the subject of dating. Here are 6 amazing, interesting and revealing facts from the study, which can be found here.

  • Misconceptions around over 50 daters are a huge cause of frustration. Everyone thinks they understand you, but you know that isn’t the case. Indeed, the study found that the biggest misconception over 50s feel is that others believe that they are NOT interested in sex (50%). Other misconceptions reported were that they aren’t interested in new experiences (46%), they are lonely (44%), their health is failing (46%) and that they aren’t happy (38%). It’s just another reason why online dating is perfect for over 50s – it’s a place without judgement or misconception!
  • ‘Sexting’ isn’t just for the young. Nearly 20% of over 50 singles have taken a nude picture of themselves, and 66% of those singles have shared the photos. Of course, whilst it’s common practice, it’s essential that you seek consent before sending out pictures.
  • The old lines still work. That old ‘Want to come and watch a film’ line? It’s still in use, and it still works. 21% of 50+ singles have gone to somebody’s house to “watch a film” and ended up having sex.
  • You’re not the only one dissatisfied with your sex life. Sex is something that’s spoken about less and less as we get older, but it’s not something that we’ve stopped wanting. 51% of singles aged over 50 were found not to be satisfied with their sex life. Indeed, 69% said that they’d like to be going on 2 to 4 dates a month, and on average, over 50 singles said they’d like to have sex 7 times a month.
  • Almost half of over 50 daters haven’t been on a date in over 5 years. We might not admit it, but many of us have been in a dry patch for a while now. 46% of over 50 daters said that their last date was over 5 years ago, and 56% said that their last relationship was over 5 years ago. With online dating, however, that can all change in an instant.
  • Marriage is still the dream. 39% of those asked said that they’d still like to get married, proving there’s no upper age limit on romantic ideals.

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