8 Things You Didn’t Know about Online Dating Over 50

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Online dating over 50 is exploding in popularity right now, fuelled by the realisation that not online is online dating acceptable, it’s by far the best way for a single over 50s to meet each other.

Indeed, the over 50s segment is one of the fastest growing in the whole online dating sphere, and that’s led to a huge increase in the number of over 50s going on dates and finding love. Websites like Maturity Dating have been helping the cause, connecting people from all over the UK.

All of those customers have meant that there’s more data about senior singles than ever before, and that’s led to some fascinating studies, revealing some amazing facts.

One such study was completed by OurTime, and we think you’ll be suitably intrigued by their findings, which is why we’ve decided to share them with you below. Let’s get started:

77% of over 50s say they’d kiss a partner within the first week of dating

Over 50 daters might have a reputation for being reserved, but that’s clearly not the case. 77% of us said we’d kiss within the first week, compared to just 66% of younger daters. We clearly know what we want!

24% of over 50 daters said they’d be happy to take their clothes off with the light on within the first week

Body shame, what body shame? 24% of those asked said they’d happily strip down with the lights on for a new partner within the first week, leaving the younger generation in the dust. Just 9% of young people said they’d do the same.

25% of us said we’d sleep within a new partner during month one

Keeping the subject of sex alive, a quarter of us said we’d sleep with a new partner within the first month. That’s far more than the 18% of 18-24-year olds who said they’d do the same.

47% of over 50 daters likely to go ‘exclusive’ within the first 6 months compared to 21% of younger daters

Commitment clearly isn’t an issue for us, because 47% of us are likely to become exclusive with our new partners within the first six months.

Mature daters take much longer to say ‘I love you’ than their younger counterparts

It takes 164 days, 22 days longer than the younger generation for us to declare our love for our partner. Call it old-fashioned or maybe it’s just caution, but we’re less likely by far to utter those three big words.

More than one in ten of over 50 singletons have asked their kids for online dating picture advice

There’s nothing wrong with enlisting the help of our kids when it comes to making our online dating profile, and one in ten of us admitted to doing just that. Alternatively, you can just read our guide on creating the perfect profile (and picture!)

A third of over 50 daters have asked their kids for dating advice

Sticking with the kids, a third of us revealed that we’ve spoken to our kids for dating advice – maybe that’s why over 50 online dating has picked up so much steam in recent years.

We’re far less likely to be addicted to online dating

Online dating is a fantastic thrill, so much so that the younger generation are reporting feelings of ‘addiction’ regarding it, though it’s not addiction in the traditional sense. Nevertheless, they’re 125% more likely to feel it than us over 50 singletons, so spare a little thought for the younger generation.

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