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Why You Aren’t Crazy to Want Love Over 50

One of the very saddest things that happens for some people as they get older and go through long-term relationships is that their standards for relationships can drop a little. Bad relationships have a habit of dampening our enthusiasm, tempering our expectations and jading us as to the future.

Consequently, by the time we hit our fifties, many of us are just looking for somebody to spend some time with. Love, sadly, can become a secondary consideration for so many.

And then, there are the rest of us – the tireless romantics. Dating isn’t just something we do so we don’t have to spend a Friday night watching TV boxsets again, we do it for that most noble of pursuits – to find real love.

There are those who tell us that we’re crazy to still be pushing for it at our age, but we never listen, despite the fact that it may feel as though the odds are truly stacked against us.

So, are we crazy? No, we aren’t.

Settling might well be enough for some people, but true love is a feeling that simply can’t be replaced by mere company. We want the thrill, the burn, the excitement, the warmth of real love – no matter how long it takes us to find.

I found my love at aged 56, but it wasn’t through the traditional ‘romantic’ routes. No, we didn’t lock eyes across a crowded room. Nor did we hold a mutual secret crush for years before finally connecting. Rather, we met on the internet after spending a combined 5 years outside of desperate, unhappy marriages.

It’s not a story you’ll find in a romance novel, nor is it the kind of story that people dream about when they go to bed at night, but that’s how love found us – and why you’re not crazy to want it too.

Online dating has undergone a fascinating transformation over the last fifteen years, moving from ‘early-internet oddity for desperate weirdos’ to established and welcomed part of everyday life. In fact, so immense has been the change in public perception that tens of millions of marriages a year come from relationships that were found online.

That number isn’t just coming from young people either, with people of all ages finding that special somebody.

It’s a remarkable story, but the most amazing thing is how it’s helped over 50 daters like us. No longer are we forced to find love in the middle of a busy life which includes work, kids, friends and other commitments. Instead, we can find love at any time, from any place.

For me, it was such a relief to be able to talk to fantastic, interesting people without worrying that they were already married or in a relationship. I’d found that being back on the dating scene over 50 felt like a lot of energy spent pursuing people who weren’t ready or able to be in a relationship. With online dating? That simply wasn’t the case.

It’s not crazy to want love, but today, it’s crazy not to at least give mature online dating a try – it worked for me.

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