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Battling those Post-Valentine’s Blues

For those of us not in a relationship, Valentine’s day can be a tough one. Of course, it’s a manufactured yearly event, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t ascribe meaning to it. All of us, whether we like it or not, utilise Valentine’s day to reflect on our own romantic relationships.

For those of us who have not yet found that special somebody, then, it can feel like a struggle as public pronunciations of love rain freely from the sky. So how do you battle those post valentine’s blues?

The answer is to take love back into your own hands. How do you do that? With online dating, of course.

Online dating has completed its journey from interesting curiosity to a vital part of everyday life for countless millions around the world. What was once something that only lonely weirdos did is now popular amongst all age and social brackets, appealing equally to the young as it does mature daters. But how can it help you battle those post valentine’s blues?

Increased confidence

Despite how often we’re told that we should be more confident in ourselves, it’s never easy to make that feeling materialise. For many of us, our confidence is defined by how others perceive us.

When we’ve gone without a date for a few months, years or even decades, that personal confidence can be greatly eroded, leaving us feeling worthless and unattractive. This, in turn, manifests in how we behave in public and inhibits our chances of finding somebody to love.

Online dating changes all that. By signing up for free and building your profile, you’ll rediscover what it is that makes you special and once you’re on, well, you’ll be amazed at just how much attention you get. Bit by bit, you’ll feel that confidence come back.

More dates

Whilst we might have been world class dates back in the day, going without one for a while forces us to doubt our capabilities. ‘Am I still funny?’, ‘Are my stories worth hearing?’ and so many more questions float into our minds. Luckily, going on dates is just like riding a bike – those skills are ingrained.

By getting yourself on a mature dating website like ours, you’ll find that you’ve got more opportunities for dates than you’ve ever had in your life. Whether you take them up is your choice, but there’s no denying that the thrill and human connection that dating offers is the perfect way to blast away those February 14th pains.

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