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The Best Date Ideas for Mature Daters

Dating is, in a word, absolutely thrilling. It’s the moment where our nervousness meets the excitement of potential, where we discover if our good feeling was on the money and maybe, just maybe, it’s the moment where we meet that special person that will change our lives.

It’s a feeling that we’re familiar from our youth, but it never really goes away no matter how old we are. Indeed, those first date nerves are a constant in all of our lives, and they can lead us to make some… ‘questionable’ judgments when it comes to choosing a location for our dates.

At Mature Dating, we’ve helped countless people find dates which transform their lives and so we know a thing or two about what the best date ideas are for people our age. With that in mind, let’s explore the best date ideas for mature daters.

Go for a Walk

It might sound simplistic (or cheap, if you’re of that mind), but walks are constantly ranked amongst the best dates for any age group. Why? Because the most important part of any date is the conversation.

We can’t stress it enough, but your success or failure on your date comes down to how easily conversation flows between you two. By setting off on a gentle walk, you’ll have the ultimate venue on which to really get to know the other person and, if it’s going well, you can always peel off for a spot of dinner.

Enjoy an Informal Lunch

Let’s face it, over 50 we’re all pretty busy. Between family commitments, friendships and work, we’ve got an awful lot on our plates. That’s why for early dates we think informal lunch hangouts are ideal.

They’re a way to get to know somebody without the immense pressures of a real date and with set time constraints built in (if you’re going back to work). Sharing a coffee or a small glass of wine can help to settle in your mind whether you want to know more about your date, making it a smaller commitment than your traditional date.

Head out on a Drive

Beautiful day? Make the most of it by taking your date somewhere you absolutely love. It’ll be a little adventure to see somewhere you’re passionate about, giving you the perfect opportunity to share more about yourself, your passions and your desires.

Why not visit a favourite countryside pub, go for a stroll on the beach or even go see your favourite musician in concert? The choices are entirely yours, so don’t delay, try Maturity Dating today.

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