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Can you Really Find Love Online?

These days it seems like everyone has an opinion on the best way to find love. As time goes on and we grow wiser and more mature, many of us seek to find that special somebody, the sort of person we can really build a life with.

Of course, dating is plenty fun, but many of us are ready to find something more serious.

If you ask your friends how they recommend finding Mr or Mrs right you’ll get a pretty wide range of responses, from hanging out in bars, going to singles nights or maybe even pursuing the people you already know. However, the most common answer you’re likely to hear in 2018 is ‘online dating’.

Once the preserve of tech-savvy IT types, online dating has exploded in popularity. So much so that today it’s enjoyed by every age group and fast becoming the way to meet single people. For over 50 daters, mature online dating has provided an amazing way to meet single people near you without interrupting your busy life.

But is online dating really suitable for those looking to find love? Isn’t it just for those looking to go on a few dates and see what happens?

Well, according to a growing body of research, online dating is suitable for those looking to find love and, in fact, there’s quite a bit to suggest that it’s actually more successful than offline dating!

The latest piece of evidence to support that theory is a paper by Josué Ortega at the University of Essex in the UK and Philipp Hergovich at the University of Vienna in Austria, cited in the MIT Technology Review. The paper found that from their sample of 10,000 relationships they found that not only did marriages which started online last longer, but that partners who met online were more likely to be compatible.

It’s a stunning find, but it’s not completely unexpected. After all, the core structure of online dating is designed to foreground personality elements which you simply might not discover early in an online relationship.

Because you’re encouraged to build a profile with your biography, likes, history and interests, potential partners can get a strong early indication of whether you’re compatible and, from there, get to know you better through private chat. It provides a safe, comfortable setting to get to know more about each other, one that’s free from the pressures of immediate social interaction.

Those over 50 daters which have found relationships through mature online dating websites will tell you that because the people you talk to through online dating have put in the effort to sign up, there’s a higher degree of engagement and a higher chance of meeting somebody who’s interested in finding love.

All of which comes together to create an unbeatable platform for discovering, chatting and potentially falling in love. Online dating might once have been an unknown quantity for trailblazers only, but today there’s no reason not to get on board.

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