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Spring is in the Air: Save 40% on Premium Subscriptions Using ‘SPRING40’

With the UK bathed in (uncharacteristically) glorious sunshine and summer’s endless evenings just around the corner, there can be no doubting that it’s the perfect time to meet that special new somebody. At Maturity Dating UK, we’ve helped countless people find the love that they deserve, but we know that it’s not always the right […]

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How to Sign Up for Maturity Dating

How to sign up for mature online dating

One of our great pleasures as a mature online dating website is that, often, we introduce online dating to those who’ve never tried it before. For hundreds of millions of people across the world, online dating has transformed their lives, bringing love and happiness to individuals who thought they’d never see it again. That’s doubly […]

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Is 80 the new 50? It’s Time to Rethink the Language of Ageing

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When we get older, there comes a devastating moment when people stop calling us old as a joke, and start legitimately seeing us as old. It’s a bizarre tonal shift for everyone and can lead to real depression and confusion. Now, in a speech to the Hay Festival, one of the leading socialist scientists in […]

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