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How to Craft the Perfect Opening Message

Whether you’re making first contact in a bar or from behind your keyboard, there’s no shortage of anxiety that we endure in the process. What if we say the wrong thing? What if we come on too strong? What if … Read More

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The Three Steps to Finding Love Over 50

Life, at times, has a funny way of turning on its head from time to time. After a while, relationships can become like carpet in our lives. We can either enjoy them or not, but they’re there and we notice … Read More

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Getting Back on the Dating Scene as an Older Woman

For all the emphasis we place on our friends, family and work commitments, there’s no denying that, deep down, we all need that deep, personal connection that only a loving relationship can bring. Of course, it’s not required, but life … Read More

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Why Meeting Online Makes First Dates Better, Not Worse

Ever since its invention, online dating has attracted plenty of misconceptions. From the notion that online dating is for ‘losers’ to the belief that dating websites are populated by scammers and cheaters, online dating has seen some pretty spurious claims … Read More

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Newly Single Over 50? Here’s What to do Next

Relationships can be dreadful, messy things – especially at the end. Whether we see it coming or not, the closing stages of a relationship can cause immense damage. We’d all like to think that it gets easier as we grow … Read More

online dating messaging

Women: Dating Destiny is in your Hands

Dating, at any age, can be an extremely nerve-wracking thing. It requires that we put ourselves out there in the public eye, that we allow ourselves to be judged and make ourselves emotionally vulnerable to somebody else. When you’re over … Read More

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How Long Should You Wait Before Meeting Up After Chatting Online?

For many of us, online dating is entirely uncharted territory. We’d grown tired of waiting for love to find us and, instead, decided to get online and find love for ourselves. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the messages … Read More

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Five MORE Myths of Over 50 Dating, Debunked

Dating over 50 can feel pretty daunting at times. After all, many of us are fresh on the market after years (sometimes decades) of being inside relationships. As we spend time outside of the dating scene, we all begin to … Read More

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Is Dating Over 50 Really that Different?

Falling in love is one of those things in life which feels deeply, confusingly improbable. Even with seven billion people on the planet, it often feels like the ‘one’ for us just isn’t out there. And yet, lots of us … Read More

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Is It Worth Online Dating During the Summer?

Summer is almost here and with it are longer, brighter days, endless warm evenings, cheerier souls and more spring in everyone’s step. It’s the hottest time of the year and, traditionally, a period where we’re all more confident in our … Read More