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The Hidden Tricks Behind Beautiful Profile Pictures

mature free single dating

If you’ve ever been on a dating website before, you’ll quickly notice one thing above all else – there’s a huge variance in the types of profile pictures you see. Some feature the person surrounded by friends, others are of people alone in their home, some are at parties and others don’t even feature the […]

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Spring is in the Air: Save 40% on Premium Subscriptions Using ‘SPRING40’

With the UK bathed in (uncharacteristically) glorious sunshine and summer’s endless evenings just around the corner, there can be no doubting that it’s the perfect time to meet that special new somebody. At Maturity Dating UK, we’ve helped countless people find the love that they deserve, but we know that it’s not always the right […]

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How to Sign Up for Maturity Dating

How to sign up for mature online dating

One of our great pleasures as a mature online dating website is that, often, we introduce online dating to those who’ve never tried it before. For hundreds of millions of people across the world, online dating has transformed their lives, bringing love and happiness to individuals who thought they’d never see it again. That’s doubly […]

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Women: Your Guide to the Perfect Online Dating Profile!

mature uk dating in summer

So you’ve decided that it’s time to take back control of your love life. Congratulations! One in three new UK relationships is now started online, and more and more over 50 and over 60 daters are finding out that online dating is fun, safe and incredibly rewarding. On the other side of that door are […]

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Men! How to Write the Perfect Profile

how to write a male profile

Taking the plunge and deciding to join an online dating is one of the most exciting things you can do as a mature dater. It signals your decision to take control of your dating life, meet new people and hopefully turn a page on your dating history. The only thing that’s standing between you and […]

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Online Dating Profiles: How to Write the Perfect Profile

To create a successful online dating profile takes time and effort, and yet the best ones come off as effortless. There’s an interesting balance to strike between giving the person reading your profile a flavour of who you are, without spilling everything. With hundreds and thousands of fellow singles out there, competition is fierce. So […]

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In Dating, Looks do Count – But Don’t Worry

nice looking woman

As over 50 daters, we’re all prone to a lack of physical confidence. We’re no longer as young as we once were, no longer as in touch with the style of the day and no longer as vibrantly confident about our appearance. Often, we’re told that looks don’t matter. Well, it’s time, to be honest […]

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Five Tips for Ladies Writing their Profile

divorce guilt over 50

The key to writing a great online dating profile is to know what you want, who you want to attract and who you are. That might sound tough, but it really isn’t, and in fact can be a fantastic exercise which draws into sharp focus exactly why you’re trying online dating as an over 50 […]

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