over 50 dating statistics

Online Dating for UK Over 50s Bigger than Ever

Falling in love has never been easy, but for over 50s, it’s harder than most. Traditionally frowned upon, being on the market over 50 meant squeezing in dating around busy lives and busier, all whilst operating in a dating scene … Read More

over 50 dating statistics

What a Scientific Study Found Was Key to Successful Online Dating

Online dating makes finding potential dates and single people easier than ever before, but that doesn’t mean finding love is a cakewalk. Though you’re in a place with more over 50 singles than you’ve ever met, they aren’t going to … Read More

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Where Can I Meet Mature UK Singles?

If you’ve recently split from your partner, divorced or lost a loved one and have taken the time to reacquaint yourself with the single you. You may have reached the point where you are ready to put yourself out there … Read More

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Why has Mature Dating Taken Off in the UK?

Once upon a time, online dating was seen as the sort of embarrassing thing that only a certain, computer inclined and desperate singleton might undertake. Whilst the world and mainstream media laughed, online dating continued to gather steam, pulling in … Read More

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6 Amazing Findings from an Over 50 Dating Study

One of the most amazing gifts that the internet has offered society is the chance for each of us to find love in our own time and on our own terms. Slowly but surely, internet dating has become more and … Read More

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Increased Online Dating Use – The Stats

UK online dating market was estimated to be worth £150 million in 2014. Worldwide, there has been a 57% increase in the use of online dating sites. A 2015 Match.com and Ipsos ASI study indicates that there are 12.7 million singles in … Read More