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Is Dating Over 50 Really that Different?

Falling in love is one of those things in life which feels deeply, confusingly improbable. Even with seven billion people on the planet, it often feels like the ‘one’ for us just isn’t out there.

And yet, lots of us do find love. It appears from nowhere and fills our life with the kind of joy that’s unimaginable unless you have it.

That quest, to find love and keep it, is what drives many of us forward through disappointing dates, dry spells and awkward encounters. For some of us, love comes early, whilst some of us are made to wait and yet more of us find ourselves looking for it again after long-term relationships.

Dating, however, isn’t easy – especially as you get older and your social life changes. But is over 50 dating really that different to what it was in, say, your twenties? Join us as we share a few reasons why it both is and isn’t.

Different: Your Priorities

Life has a funny way of teaching us what we do and don’t need in our lives. Experience is an important thing and as a mature singleton, you enjoy vastly more of it than you did in your twenties.

In turn, this improves almost every aspect of the dating experience, but it also shifts your priorities dramatically. Over 50, many of us are simply looking for different things in a partner than we were in our youth. It helps us know which dates to avoid and which will be worth our time and, ultimately, help us find love faster.

The Same: Flirting

By far the most common anxiety from those who haven’t been on ‘the scene’ in some time is anxiety around flirting. Is it still the same? Have the rules changed? Do you still have the charm to pull it off?

It’s one of those knotty little worries that holds some of us back from making a move for somebody that we’re interested in.

Thankfully though, it’s exactly the same as it ever was and those skills of yours? Well, they’ve gone nowhere either. Trust yourself and give flirting a go – it’s much the same as it ever was, even if you’re sending your opening exchanges over a dating website rather than over a drink.

Different: Your Life

As we grow older, the makeup of our lives change dramatically. Compared to our twenties we have more responsibility, less time to spend on ourselves and, in general, your attitudes and outlook on life.

It can mean that when we return to dating, we find it hard to carve out the time to really pursue our love lives. The good news? Online dating has completely revolutionised the way we meet and date, enabling us to meet local singles when and where we find the time. It’s a huge shift, which means dating over 50 is now easier than ever.

The Same: Dating

Let’s get one thing clear: dates are dates – no matter what your age is. They remain just as nerve-wracking, exciting, hilarious and unique as they ever were. Of course, you might be a little older, a little wiser and dating somebody a much the same, but the thrill remains exactly the same.

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