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Dating for the Over 50s: Your Options Compared

Finding love at any age can be a real challenge. From the difficulty of finding somebody compatible to the scarcity of single people who fits the bill and has the requisite chemistry, well, you can be looking for a while.

The situation only gets worse as we get older, when work and family commitments begin to pile up, squeezing our already limited free time and offering us even fewer opportunities to meet new people and potential partners.

That’d be perfectly fine if it wasn’t the case that so many of us are out there looking for love. Studies have found that there are more over 50 singles than ever before, and more than ever we’re excited to get out there and find love. That’s meant that there are huge numbers of people just like you are out there, but how do you find them?

There are more options than ever for the mature singleton looking for love, so we’ve decided to bring them all together for comparison, comparing speed dating, matchmaking services and online dating. Let’s get started.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is a relatively recent invention, but it’s a solid option for those looking to find love. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of speed dating for over 50s.


  • A great way to meet a lot of new people very quickly
  • Face to face conversations instantly help you to figure out if there’s chemistry
  • They can be a lot of fun


  • Require you to take time out of your day
  • Can be extremely awkward, especially if you’re not attracted to the people on the opposite end
  • Not much time to get to know each individual
  • Badly suited to those who aren’t confident meeting new people

Clearly then, speed dating is a viable option for over 50s, but it tends to be aimed at younger people, and senior nights are few and far between, making them a less than ideal option.

Matchmaking services

Online dating before online dating was an option, matchmaking services aim to put you together with people they believe to be compatible with you, based on your suggestions and their client list.


  • A more personal experience with a human mediator
  • Full-length dates give you a better opportunity to really get to know somebody


  • Limited to the people on the matchmaker’s roster
  • Aren’t free to meet and chat with potential dates on the roster
  • Can be expensive

Matchmakers have largely gone out of business since the dawn of online dating, except for very wealthy clients, but there are still some out there should you wish to take that route.

Online dating

Online dating has grown rapidly to become the leading way for over 50 singles to find and meet new people. The over 50 market is the fastest growing online dating sector around, with more and more joining every day. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Login from anywhere at any time to find new people
  • Narrow down your search with a dizzying array of options
  • Chat with as many people as you like before you commit to a date
  • Enjoy the benefit of time when drafting your messages
  • You can fill in a profile full of information, helping to weed out anyone who may not be interested in you


  • Some dating sites require a small monthly fee
  • Can be hard to gauge physical chemistry before you meet in person
  • Filling out profiles can sometimes be awkward

Of course, whilst there’s no flawless way of meeting new people, online dating is by far the best method, being simple, affordable and (most importantly), an awful lot of fun.

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