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Dating is More Fun as you Get Older, Study Finds

For those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to date in our fifties and beyond, the thought of heading back out onto the scene can be… Daunting, shall we say. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions like ‘are we still sexy?’, ‘can we still flirt?’ and ‘what’s appropriate at our age?’ when really, what we should be asking ourselves is ‘is dating still fun over 50?’

The answer, emphatically, is yes, according to a new study.

Researchers found that looking for love later in life when you’re more comfortable in your skin is far less stressful than courting when you’re in your twenties and thirties. Their results suggested that senior singles are more relaxed and comfortable than they were in their youth, freed from the pressures and stereotypes which plague the younger generation.

The study was carried out by Saga and compared results of 1,000 over 50s respondents and 1,000 under 50s respondents, and found that over 50s described dating earlier in life as ‘awkward’, because they didn’t know what they wanted.

However, with advancing years comes clarity in both what we want and who we are, two things which make dating that much easier, and that much more fun.

The study also revealed that over 50s believe they’re now more romantic than they were in their youth. That, combined with the news that 76% of respondents thought that looks and money became less important later in life, makes for reassuring reading for those of us who haven’t dipped our toes back into the scene for quite a while.

Researchers found that almost a third of over 50s are dating again later in life, with 63% reporting that it’s better than it was later in life.

The biggest change though comes from the way over 50s now date, increasingly using online dating to meet new people.

Online dating has revolutionised the way over 50s like you and I can meet new people. No longer subject to the whims of fate, we can finally take love into our own hands and meet new people on our own terms. It’s a huge shift, and one which fits perfectly around our busy lives.

Getting started with online dating has never been easier than it is today, and it’s never been safer thanks to strict new rules in place to keep ne’er do wells out of the service. Signing up is free and with potentially thousands of single over fifties near you, it’s hard to justify why you should wait – so don’t! Sign up today and find that special somebody.

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