how to date over 50 men

The Essential Dating Rules Men Over 50 Need to Read

Gentlemen, let’s face it: dating in your fifties or above is very different to dating in your twenties.

That statement is true in a million different little ways and though the act might well be the same, the rules and conventions of dating changes not only with age, but with changing social norms and the advancement of technology.

Today, dating is just as nerve wracking, pulse pounding and thrilling as it ever was, but there are a few new wrinkles to keep in mind – in both our skin and the dating scene!

With UK mature singles making up one of the fastest segments in the UK, it’s clear that more of you than ever are joining sites like this to meet that special somebody. Exciting? Certainly, but don’t go jumping in just yet – there’s a few rules you need to know first. Let’s begin, shall we?

Your profile matters – take your time

Online dating isn’t like traditional dating – you’re not catching somebody across a crowded room. Instead, you’re browsing through a list of fantastic, single people near you. So, whereas you might spend hours picking the perfect stitches for a night out, you need to spend a similar amount of time building your profile.

Be your funny, unique, interesting self and leave a little to the imagination. The best profiles are the ones which hint at your personality but leave enough for interested parties to have something to talk about.

Honesty remains important

Honesty isn’t a trait which becomes less valuable with age. In fact, it’s the opposite. As we grow older, being able to be honest with ourselves and those we’re dating is absolutely crucial. That means not lying about ex-wives or girlfriends, not persisting with poisonous relationships and not hiding who you are.

Keep in touch

If you’ve been on a terrific date and want to see them again, don’t be afraid to follow up. Studies have found that 68% of men prefer to wait multiple days (or even weeks!) before getting back in touch, but women are often keen to know how it went.

Letting your opposite number know how it went within 24 hours is a fantastic way to guarantee a second date.

Equally, if you’re not keen on the second date, do be sure to let them know – it’s a pain that’s much more bearable than being left hanging.

Jump into the unknown

Long periods out of the dating scene can make us overly cautious and wary of what might be. Often, we’re afraid of opening up to another intimate relationship. Other times, we’re just worried that we don’t know how to or have what it takes to date in the modern era.

The key to success in mature dating, just like anything in life, is in jumping into the unknown with as much confidence as you can muster. There are amazing, fulfilling and completely unexpected adventures to be had out there – go and get them.

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