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Five MORE Myths of Over 50 Dating, Debunked

Dating over 50 can feel pretty daunting at times. After all, many of us are fresh on the market after years (sometimes decades) of being inside relationships.

As we spend time outside of the dating scene, we all begin to feel as though our ability to find, attract and go on dates fades. It’d only be natural, right? Well, that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s a popular myth that pervades the over 50 dating scene, and a huge reason why so many of us are terrified of getting out there and trying love again.

In a previous article, we tackled five huge myths of online dating and, in this article, we’re going to get to grips with five more. Let’s get started:

#1 – You can forget how to flirt

Lots of us, for whatever reason, simply haven’t had reason to use our flirting muscles in a while. Maybe we’ve been busy with work, were locked in a stale relationship or haven’t felt ready to approach somebody again.

Whatever the reason, it means that when we do make an approach, we feel apprehensive as to whether we can actually still do it. The answer, thankfully, is that your flirting ability has gone nowhere. In fact, it’s probably improved over time as you tack on experience and grow more comfortable within your own body!

#2 – Men need to make the first approach

Based in tremendously old-fashioned beliefs that women shouldn’t speak unless they’re spoken to, the notion that women should wait for men to speak to them is out of date and, frankly, silly.

We wrote a big piece on the phenomenon here, but needless to say, over 50 you should really abandon this myth.

#3 – It’s hard to find single over 50s

An interesting myth simply because, not that long ago, it was true! There’s no denying that over 50, we’re much busier people than we were in our youth. We spend less time out socialising and more time tending to our work, our family and our friends. Taken together, that made for a difficult situation for most over 50 daters. How are you meant to meet those new people?

Today, the answer is mature online dating websites. Filled exclusively with local single over 50s, there’s no waiting for fate to find you a mate – just thousands of potential dates waiting for you.

#4 – You’ll know ‘the one’ when you meet them

Falling in love is something which happens differently for all of us, so don’t get despondent if you don’t find that special somebody instantly. Often, it takes multiple dates before you truly begin to get to know somebody, so take time.

Over 50, we like to think we’ve got a more instinctive handle on love when, actually, it’s not often the case. Be patient, keep an open heart and see what happens next.

#5 – Online dating is scary

There’s been plenty of scare stories about online dating over the years. ‘It’s dangerous!’, ‘It’s full of scammers!’, ‘It’s for losers!’. Well, time has proven each of those theories incorrect.

Today, online dating is about as commonplace, innocuous and comfortable as possible. Simple to sign up for and great fun to do, it’s perhaps the most effective way for busy people to meet amazing single people near them. So, why wait?

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