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Five Myths of Over 50 Dating, Debunked

When we find ourselves single over the age of 50, it can feel like our chances of finding love are slim to none. After all, how many single people can there be out there?

The answer, it turns out is a lot – over 4 million in the UK, including those who never married, got divorced or lost their significant other. Indeed, according to a recent survey of over 1,000 senior singles found that 72% in the group were open to finding love. If that survey is anything to go by, the numbers of over 50 and 60 singles looking for love are gigantic – you just need to meet them.

The best way to do that is via an online mature dating website, of course, but what are some of the other major myths of dating over 50? Here’s five:

#1 – People in their midlife are no longer interested in sex

We all know the truth of this one, that no matter whether you’re 28 or 82, you’re still interested in sex. It’s hardwired into our bodies and into our minds, and studies have repeatedly found that rather than putting sex to bed, we’re much more likely to be hopping in with it.

Of course, there are always people for whom sex comes second, and that’s perfectly fine too, but there’s no evidence that libido slips away beyond 50.

#2 – Most singles over 50 aren’t looking for serious relationships

Another simply false statement about mature singles is that after their experiences, they aren’t looking for serious relationships. It might be true for some people, but for the majority, they’re still looking for serious relationships and even marriage, according to the survey.

#3 – Over 50 singles are more closed minded and cynical

The survey mentioned above found that 63% of respondents over 50 said that they’re much more confident than they were in their 20s, and 25% of them said that they have a much better outlook on life than they did as younger people (with the rest saying that they haven’t changed).

That paints a picture far from the myth that over 50, singles become closed minded and cynical. This change can partly be explained by the wealth of experiences that mature singles have cultivated over the years, and partly by changes in the brain which allows you to see the world in a more optimistic light.

#4 – Over 50s are loaded with “baggage”

This is an old favourite of ours, and a reason why some over 50s prefer to date younger people. Whilst it’s true that over 50, we’ve all got more life experiences (both good and bad) than we did in our twenties. However, to reduce that experience to mere ‘baggage’ is a huge mistake.

#5 – Dating over 50 is embarrassing

So many of us believe that somehow, dating over 50 is an embarrassing thing to do. Maybe it’s because society places undue focus on youth or maybe it’s because we feel as though we’ve “failed” somehow, but many of us deal with those lingering feelings.

Well, it’s time to snap out of it. Dating over 50 is not only extremely common, it’s also fun and entirely acceptable – you just need to let those feelings go and embrace it.

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