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Four HUGE Reasons Why Dating Over 50 is Amazing

For lots of us, dating over 50 feels sort of… Weird? Perhaps it’s a result of societal norms or our own insecurities, but we all find ourselves wondering what we did wrong to end up on the scene over 50.

The revelation comes when you realise that not only is over 50 dating common, it’s actually amazing. In fact, compared to your twenties, dating over 50 is all of your fantasies come true.

That might sound like a load of old nonsense to you but believe me – it really isn’t. Here are four reasons why dating over 50 is easier, more fun and less scary than it was in your twenties:

#1 – You’ve Got Relationship Experience to Spare

No matter how much you might have felt like you know what the world of dating had to offer in your twenties, the intervening 30+ years have proven that when it comes to dating, there’s always more to learn.

It’s why dating in your youth can result in so many mistakes and heartaches, and why dating over the age of 50 is far superior. You’ve been there, you’ve done it and you’ve navigated your way through no end of tricky love situations and come of the other end with the kind of confidence that’s earned, not given.

#2 – The Pressure’s Off

Dating in your youth is a mess of societal pressures. Every single date is loaded with the expectation that maybe this will be the one you’ll settle down with, have kids with, buy a house with and, well, do all the things that you expect to do when you’re young.

Over 50, those anxieties are largely off our shoulders. We’ve independent people, we’ve already had all the kids we’re going to have and any concerns like housing are long behind most of us. In their place is a pressure-free environment where you’re able to meet people without expectation, simply enjoying their company and letting the path lead you where it will.

#3 – You’ve Got Self Confidence

It’s in the mist of time now, but dating when you’re younger is… Well, it’s pretty terrifying. We’re barely out of our teens and though we might have a few relationships under our belt, we’re far from the complete, well-rounded people that we are today.

It makes for dating mishaps aplenty and makes dating a pretty miserable experience. As a mature dater though, you’re no longer in that position. You’ve got the self-confidence to date like an adult.

If you haven’t been on a date in a while, you’ll be amazed by just how fun and free it feels!

#4 – We’re all Different People

Time changes each of us in different ways, but the general path that each of us takes is one which leads to a kinder, more compassionate and more thoughtful than we were in our youth. It’s not true for everyone, but it is true for most.

It makes dating over 50 a total joy, and with online dating, it’s never been easier to meet people than it is right now. Best of all? We’re offering 40% off for new and existing customers when you’re ready to jump to premium using the code ‘SPRING40’. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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