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Getting Back on the Dating Scene as an Older Woman

For all the emphasis we place on our friends, family and work commitments, there’s no denying that, deep down, we all need that deep, personal connection that only a loving relationship can bring.

Of course, it’s not required, but life feels so much fuller when we have somebody to share it with. The tough thing is though, the older we are the harder it feels to get back on the scene and meet that special somebody.

After all, isn’t everyone our age already taken, and if not, why aren’t they? Is there something wrong with them?

The answer to both of those questions is, of course, no. Beautiful, thoughtful people find themselves single for a wide variety of reasons.

So, as an older woman, who are you meant to get back on the dating scene? Here are some of our top tips:

Consider Online Dating

One of the major issues holding back many mature women from trying dating is, simply, a lack of time to meet new people. We’re busy, so where do we turn?

The answer is online dating. Over 50 daters are the fastest growing group in the online dating world and today there are countless mature daters meeting people just like you online.

You don’t need to put aside days on end, spend evenings in loud bars or hope that you just happen to meet somebody as you go about your everyday life. Instead, you quickly log in to a dedicated website filled exclusively with local, single people your age.

Broaden your Horizons

It’s easy to assume that just because we’ve been around a few years, we know everything about men or women. We like to image we’ve figured out the formula for a perfect partner and, accordingly, rule out just about everyone who doesn’t fit the mould.

In reality, the fact is that people are confounding and you never really know somebody until you’ve given them a chance. When we think we need and what we actually need are often entirely different things, so broaden your horizons and give chances to people you might not otherwise – who knows, you might just find that love comes easier than you expected.

Be Confident in Yourself

Confidence, it’s often said, is the sexiest thing you can be. So, when you’re getting back into the dating scene, it pays to be confident. Invest in some new clothes, head out for a spa day with the girls and start feeling good about yourself.

Studies have found that older men and women are more open to kissing and making love on the first date, and that’s no surprise. We’ve been through the motions and, frankly, why wait to show affection if you feel it?

Without that body confidence, you might lose out on incredible experiences.

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