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How to Beat those Pre-Date Nerves

Dating, for all of its wondrous potential, can be absolutely terrifying. We’re putting ourselves out there, risking our pride and taking a step into the unknown – all for the opportunity to find love.

The only issue is, for many of us, our fears get in the way of our enjoyment (and sometimes even attendance) of our dates.

Those nerves, it turns out, can be the biggest barrier between ourselves and our happiness. It’s much the same whether we’re 16 or 61, so what can you do to battle those pre-date nerves and reveal the true you? Here are our top tips.

Look Confident, Feel Confident

Nobody likes a slob when it comes to dressing or grooming, and so if you’re short of confidence coming up to date night, take the time to look after yourself.

Buy some new clothes, go get a nice haircut and spend the time really getting yourself to your very best. A little physical confidence goes a long way in both fortifying you against nerves and impressing your date.

It’s a small thing you can do, but when you’re looking your best, you’re probably feeling your best too – especially when you’re dating over 50.

Learn to Be Comfortable with Nerves

The reason why you’re feeling nervous? You’re getting outside your comfort zone and doing something that might just change your life for the better. Of course you’re going to be nervous!

By getting comfortable with your nerves, you can harness them to put yourself on the top of your game. A little nervous excitement makes you chattier, funnier and often, a much better date. Embrace the sensation of being alive and go on your date with the confidence that can only be attained by somebody who’s going to give it their very best.

Get Out of your Head

We’re all a little guilty of internalising our fears. We put away our anxieties in a little box in our brain and let them run riot, growing in size until they feel far too large to face.

The solution? Get out of your head and speak to your friends about your anxieties. Faced with the daylight and a sympathetic ear, these anxieties have a funny way of shrinking back to size. Speaking with friends before your date is the easiest way to settle your nerves, so don’t be afraid to pick up that phone.

Know that you’re Wanted

There’s one little fact that we could all do with remembering when it comes to going on our first date: we wouldn’t be going on it if we were the only interested party. That is to say, there wouldn’t be a date at all if your opposite number wasn’t interested in you too.

It’s also worth remembering that, most likely, the person you’re going on a date with is feeling exactly the same as you too. So, breathe deep and get ready for what could be the defining date of your life.

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