when to leave a dating website

When Should You Leave an Online Dating Service?

It might sound odd for an online dating website to write about, but there comes a time in your life when – we hope – you’re no longer a member of our website. It’s not because we don’t think you’re wonderful, of course, it’s because if we’re doing our job right you won’t need to be a member.

Online dating websites for single over 50s like ours are designed to do one thing and one thing only – help you meet somebody who makes you never need a service like ours ever again.

When you do meet somebody new then, when is the right time to close down your account at Maturity Dating?

The simple answer is ‘when you’re ready’.

No two relationships are the same, and nor are two people identical. Online dating websites like ours offer you a terrific way to meet new people, but when you meet a person, it can be difficult to know when to stop using an online dating website.

For some, deep attraction comes instantly and so, the feeling that you’re ‘betraying’ your new partner by keeping active on a dating website comes quickly. For others, relationships are always something which begins in a casual way before gently unfolding.

Our advice is always to trust your intuition on these matters. If you’re beginning to feel guilty, just stop visiting the website. There’s no need to close your account down, just take time away from the website. If your relationship continues on and there comes a day when you simply can’t imagine needing us anymore, then that’s fantastic!

However, if things don’t quite work out so well, by leaving your account active you can return at any point and hop back on the horse. It’s the smart way to go about things.

According to a survey carried out by Australian matchmaking firm Louanne Ward found that 70% of people believe that being an active member of a dating website during a relationship is an act of infidelity.

With that in mind, it’s important that if you’re in any doubt about the status of your relationship, you speak to your partner. Conversations about whether you’re a ‘couple’ or just ‘seeing each other’ are awkward ones, but they can help you understand where you are on the grand relationship spectrum. If you’re not all that serious, then you shouldn’t have issues maintaining a dating website.

As with all things in dating though, there are no hard and fast rules as to correct behaviour so rely on your emotional intelligence to get you through.

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