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Mature Online Dating Not Working for You? Here’s What to Do Next

Online dating has, in many ways, fundamentally altered the way we meet new people as we grow older.

As our social circle shrinks and we begin to spend more time with family than we do meeting new friends, our ability to meet the people who we might fall in love with fades. It’s a situation which has created a generation of people who feel as though the dating scene have left them behind.

For those of us who’ve never found that special somebody then, mature online dating has meant that we have a platform from which to find that special somebody. With thousands of local singles just a click of a button away, you simply can’t fail. Right?

Well, as it turns out, that’s wrong. Online dating offers no guarantee and, like any other type of dating, it can take time for that special somebody to cross our path.

But if mature online dating isn’t working for you, there are some things you can do to increase your chances. Join us as we share some of our key tips for making the most of online dating.

Know What you Want, But Don’t Close any Doors

Online dating can show us thousands of available individuals near us at any given time. It can also let us filter those individuals any number of ways, excluding people based on height, weight, star sign or even whether or not they smoke.

However, with all that control comes the potential to exclude people from your searches who might just surprise you.

Having a checklist in mind for your ideal partner is nice, but it shouldn’t stop you from exploring different types of people. Who knows, you might just find the person who changes your life forever.

Make the First Move

We’ve written before on the subject of messaging first (it’s a very good thing), but allow us to briefly recap here.

Studies have shown that if you’re a woman, you’re 3.5x less likely to message a man first and are likely to only send 4 first messages over your online dating life, compared to 14 for men. Unlike men who message first, women who send the first ‘hello’ are 2.5x more likely to get a response back.

Not just that, you’re also more likely to be talking to more attractive men too, as men typically message women 5% more attractive than themselves! So, start making the first move. What do you have to lose?

Update your Pictures & Profile

Most of us don’t like writing our profiles or taking new pictures of ourselves, but a bad profile with old, poorly taken images will only turn off potential dates.

That’s why we recommend taking the time to give your profile an overhaul. Read our guides (men, women) on how to write a good profile to get a good overview on proper profile design, or simply read profiles by your fellow daters for inspiration.

As for pictures, ensure that they’re well lit, up to date and most importantly of all, that you’re smiling. Photographs of people smiling get far more responses and messages than dour pictures.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find that online dating can work for you too!

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