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Men: Dress to Impress

Mature dating can feel like a minefield. Creating a profile, reaching out to new people or choosing the perfect venue for a first date can be fraught with worry and a million small decisions. Throw in what to wear and it can seem overwhelming, especially for men who may not have rethought their personal style in a decade or so. Relax. Dating over 50 can look complex at first but with time, a little practice and some good advice it can be wonderful. When it comes to what to wear on a date, following a few simple style rules can take out the stress and leave you concentrating on the wonderful women in front of you. Read on for some key tips on date style.

Keep it Classic

For most mature men, keeping it classic is the key to style success. Straight leg, dark wash jeans, chinos or casual trousers paired with a simple sweater, shirt or blazer are always an attractive and easy wear look. Stay clear of loud patterns, sports shirts or an overly formal look (unless the location demands it). Make sure your shoes and belt are neutral and the best quality you can afford. By picking timeless styles and ensuring clothes are clean and well pressed, it is hard to go wrong.

Take Advice

If fashion is a completely alien world to you, don’t be afraid to take some advice. Ask family, a friend or even a shop assistant for advice in finding a classic neutral look that is a good match for your personal style. You shouldn’t be looking to change who you are but enhance the best possible version of you.

Concentrate on Grooming

Creating your perfect date look is about more than finding the right outfit. Good grooming is essential to making sure your project the right impression to your date. It’s a way of showing your date that you care enough to make an effort. Make sure you shave, have a haircut and attend to your nails and teeth before you go out on any date. If you want to make a little extra effort consider using moisturiser and a small spritz of aftershave. Don’t add in too many extras though, keep your look classic and masculine.

Make Time

One of the regular reasons men fail to impress with their date style is they simply don’t take time over how they look. That ranges from taking the time to plan an outfit, shop for something new or simply leaving enough time to groom and ensure they look their best before they head out to meet their new date. It’s essential that you build this time into your schedule – it lets your date know you think she is worth the effort.

Your personal style may not be high on your list of priorities but if you are serious about pursuing a new relationship – it should be. Make sure you look and feel your best on your next date by thinking about your look. This new phase in your life could be the perfect excuse to overhaul your look and boost your confidence.

When you are beautifully groomed, move onto the perfect male profile

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