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Online Dating for UK Over 50s Bigger than Ever

Falling in love has never been easy, but for over 50s, it’s harder than most. Traditionally frowned upon, being on the market over 50 meant squeezing in dating around busy lives and busier, all whilst operating in a dating scene that just wasn’t designed for you.

Needless to say, that led to a great many of over 50s stuck in unhappy, dysfunctional relationships simply because they didn’t feel like they had much of a chance of finding somebody new.

Until internet dating came along, that is.

At first a curiosity for the internet savvy, internet dating has grown and grown in both size and acceptability to the point where, today, it’s an invaluable tool, helping so many of us find the love that we so richly deserve.

That fact has been backed up by new research, which shows that a remarkable one in every six over 50s have used online dating services to find love. That’s double the number than in 2010, and doesn’t count those who are using websites like Maturity Dating to find friendship, rather than romantic companionship.

Those figures are highlighted in the latest Office for National Statistics survey which revealed that for men and women alike, it was the over 50s who had seen the rate of divorce increase the most in 2017, largely due to the new opportunities available.

Nevertheless, senior singles in the UK were still likely to take their time before returning to the dating scene, with more than a fifth of over 50s taking two years or more to get themselves ready for love again.

It’s a perfectly understandable statistic when you factor in the average length of a marriage before divorce in your fifties is 12 years, that kind of relationship can take some time to adjust to being out of.

Other key statistics gleaned from the survey were that the majority of over fifties agree that using online dating makes looking for love easier than avoiding it thanks to the high number of potentially eligible partners compared to what you might find in your everyday life.

Another major advantage, the survey found, was that online dating made it much easier to find a physical relationship, though this was a relatively minor consideration for most people, who were simply looking for a new relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Maturity Dating today and become one of the millions finding love today, after all, it’s free!

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