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The Physical Effects of Falling in Love

Dating over 50 can feel like an entirely new world – especially if you’ve been off the market for some time. Time has a funny habit of making us forget about what dating feels like, and what falling in love does to our mind and body.

It’s a dizzy rush of emotions and physical reactions which give you your most clear indication that you’re in love with somebody.

So, if you’ve been off the scene for a while and have forgotten that lovin’ feeling, well, what are the effects you should be on the lookout for as a mature dater?

Well, the first thing you should know is that no matter your age, the physical effects of falling in love remain the same. Indeed, according to a study undertaken by Gala Bingo, it seems as though we’re no slower to fall in love than we are in our younger years, either, with most of us taking around three months to really know whether we are.

So, what are these effects?

We think with our noses

We like to imagine that love is a feeling generated somewhere between our hearts and our brains, but research actually suggests that a good deal of attraction actually comes through the nose.

In a Swiss study, researchers asked a group of men to wear the same t-shirt for multiple days in a row. The shirts were then given to women, who were asked to rate the attractiveness of a man in a photo whilst smelling the shirts.

The result? The picture mattered far less than the shirt, with clear favourites for shirt smells. So, clearly, our noses become more important when we’re on the lookout for love.

We can keep the weight off

Keeping trim as a mature dating isn’t a simple task, but falling in love actually makes it easier to lose weight. How? Well, you lose your appetite during the initial stages of love thanks to increased levels of dopamine.

Dopamine is partially responsible for those feelings of giddiness and euphoria that we associate with falling in love and is also an appetite suppressor, helping us keep the weight off.

We sleep less

Along with spikes in dopamine is a general fall in serotonin – often described as the feel-good hormone – which keeps you calm and sleepy. Without as much serotonin coursing through our minds and a surplus is dopamine, we sleep less.

All of which means sleepless nights thinking about that special somebody. Sweet, ey?


Of course, an absence of these sorts of feelings doesn’t mean you’re not in love, it simply means that your body doesn’t have the same chemical reactions to love like other people. It’s important to remember that we all experience love in different ways and on different timescales, so take your time and follow your instincts – you just might meet that person who changes everything.

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