Is it Really Harder for Women over 50 to Find Love than Men?

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There’s a commonly held belief amongst singles over 50 that when it comes to finding love, men have an easier time of it than women. It’s one of those myths which have stuck around, gently twisting and turning in justification throughout the decades to stay relevant.

But in 2018, with a world of technologically enhanced dating options at our fingertips, does that claim still hold water? The answer, as you might have suspected, is no.

Where does the myth come from?

Like most dating myths, the idea that over 50 dating is harder for women than it is men is rooted in old-fashioned beliefs.

Particularly, it’s born from the very Victorian belief that women shouldn’t speak until spoken to first. Strong women aren’t a modern phenomenon, of course, but social norms dictated that it simply wasn’t on for women to approach men. In turn, this meant that men controlled the dating scene, and we can all imagine how that went.

Although time has gently eroded that Victorian belief, the assumption that men hold the reigns when it comes to dating has stuck around. So much so, in fact, that the common narrative remains that it’s just so easy for men to find a partner over 50, whilst women are stuck waiting around.

Needless to say, that’s not the case anymore.

Internet dating to the rescue.

Whilst there’s still a little of that Victorian sensibility floating around (many women still don’t like making the first move), online dating has fundamentally shifted the power balance for men and women alike, giving equal footing to both in the search to find love.

With a mature online dating platform like Maturity Dating, anyone is free to meet new people at any time, from anywhere. Because online dating platforms are full of single, interested people, there are no awkward advances towards people who are already taken and there’s no uncertainty about the type of person you’re approaching.

Indeed, online dating is by far the most democratic form of dating, giving everyone a level playing field from which to go out and meet new people.

So, whilst it really was harder for women over 50 to find love than men in the past, it’s simply no longer the case today. All of us have the tools we need to meet that special somebody, regardless of whether we’re introvert or extrovert, busy or otherwise.

Online dating has changed everything about the way we date and thrown open the doors for women of all stripes to find that person who can compliment their life perfectly.

Signing up for an over 50s dating profile at Maturity Dating couldn’t be easier, and it’s totally free! What are you waiting for? Love won’t wait forever.