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What a Scientific Study Found Was Key to Successful Online Dating

Online dating makes finding potential dates and single people easier than ever before, but that doesn’t mean finding love is a cakewalk. Though you’re in a place with more over 50 singles than you’ve ever met, they aren’t going to just fall into your lap. You’ve still got to do some old-fashioned courting, despite the fact that the rules have changed a little.

One of the biggest problems people encounter when they’re trying online dating, especially mature online dating, is building profiles and getting members of the opposite (or same) sex interested in your profile.

There have been countless column inches dedicated to this topic over the years, but now there’s some science too.

A recent paper published in the journal Evidence-Based Medicine and made available online, researchers reviewed 86 scientific on what people can do to get better at online dating, and came up with a number of ways we can all improve our profiles.

On its own, it’s well worth your time, but in an effort to bring you only the good stuff, we’ve decided to boil it down to three central points, each of which can help you make the most of your online dating experience.

Choose better pictures

In the absence of not seeing you face to face, pictures are all people on your profile have to go by. The study found that your primary photo is crucial, suggesting that a genuine smile that crinkles up your eyes and a slight tilt of the head lead to strong attraction levels. For women, wearing red or having red in the picture increases your attractiveness to men.

If you’re going for a group picture, ensure that you’re in the middle and that everyone seems to be having a good time. If you’re a man, women find pictures of women smiling at you more attractive.

Write an engaging, honest bio

For lots of us, writing our bio is the scariest part of the online dating experience. After all, what are we meant to say about ourselves? The meta-study found, primarily, that the closer your profile is to reality, the more likely you are to get a face-to-face meeting out of it.

It also found that the best profiles weren’t the ones which made it all about them. They found that a 70:30 ratio of information about you to information about what you’re looking for is most successful. They also state those character traits are important, but you shouldn’t worry about listing all your academic achievements – they don’t seem to matter much.

Employ your sense of humour

Dating is a competitive game, the study suggests, and giving yourself a competitive edge against other profiles is a fantastic idea. They suggest that using humour can give you that edge, rather than simply saying that you’re funny.

Previous studies have found that humour is one of the most attractive traits in another person, so let those jokes fly. If your profile is written in a clever and humorous way, you’ll demonstrate to others that you’re separate from the pack and well worth their time.

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