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You’re Never Too Old for Mature UK Online Dating: Here’s Why

For as long as there’s been online dating, there have been excuses from single folk as to why they aren’t going to try it. “It’s too nerdy!” “Only weirdos online date!” “Online dating is only for young people!” They’re convenient … Read More

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Four HUGE Reasons Why Dating Over 50 is Amazing

For lots of us, dating over 50 feels sort of… Weird? Perhaps it’s a result of societal norms or our own insecurities, but we all find ourselves wondering what we did wrong to end up on the scene over 50. … Read More

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Can you Really Find Love Online?

These days it seems like everyone has an opinion on the best way to find love. As time goes on and we grow wiser and more mature, many of us seek to find that special somebody, the sort of person … Read More