Bad Date Tips

The Three Steps to Dealing with a Bad Date

Dating in 2019 is faster, more fun and more inclusive than ever before. Thanks largely to mature online dating websites, many people over 50 are going on more first dates than they did in their twenties!

It’s amazing news, with more of us finding special people than we ever would have just two decades ago. However, it’s not all good news because, as anyone who’s been on a date will tell you, not every date you go on is a total smash.

Whether they’re not what they advertise, you didn’t get on or you simply don’t see them as a viable romantic partner. Whatever the reason, some dates simply don’t work out.

Whilst it’s tempting to simply cut your losses and avoid talking to them again, it’s also deeply unfair. Quite simply, they have a right to know that they should focus their efforts elsewhere and that there’s nothing between the two of you.

So, how do you deal with a bad date? Here are our top tips.

Give yourself a Day or Two

Coming off the back of a bad date, you’re often not in the right headspace to make a considered, thoughtful judgement.

You might be angry, annoyed, disappointed or frustrated. After all, the build-up to a first date can be a flurry of positive, exciting emotions. So, when it all goes wrong, you’ll often feel rightfully upset.

At this point, it’s important that you give yourself a day or two to get yourself back to normality before you compose your message. It’ll mean greater honesty and compassion in your message and help bring some much-needed clarity to the situation.

Get in Touch

Your next step is to reach out and get in touch with your date. If you only went on one date, a simple message will suffice. If, however, you’ve seen each other a number of times, it’s probably worth picking up the phone and speaking to them directly.

We’re not saying you have to spell out every detail of why you won’t be seeing again, but a little clarity does help your opposite number understand what went wrong and where they can change in the future. Just because you aren’t into them doesn’t mean that the whole thing has to be a total wash.

Get Back on the Horse

Bad dates have a terrible habit of colouring our opinion on future dates, but we shouldn’t let the ghosts of bad dates from days gone by ruin our future.

Online dating gives you the perfect platform to climb back on the horse from. Search through the database, find somebody who catches your eye and meet somebody brilliant. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll quickly find that the best way to banish the memory of bad dates is good ones.

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