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What to Wear on your First Date, What Not to Wear and More!

First dates are, in a word, amazing. They’re the culmination of countless hours thought, preparation and anticipation. They’re the moment you know whether the person you’ve been getting to know through a mature dating website is the kind of person you want to really get to know.

As such, they can be pretty nerve-wracking occasions, filled with awkward social cues and unknowns, but when it comes to planning, nothing can be quite as paralysing as choosing what to wear.

Do you go casual? What about smart? If you’re going casual, just how casual are you meant to go? Needless to say, it’s something of a nightmare – and it’s not one which improves with age!

At Maturity Dating, we’ve helped countless people discover that special person and here on our blog, we dedicate ourselves to helping everyone make amazing dates a reality.

Now, thanks to analysis by a major dating platform, we have an amazing indication of what to wear and what not to wear on your first date, as well as what to say about your fashion on your dating profile. Over 6,600 singles took part in the survey by Zoosk, but what did they survey recommend?

Put an Effort In

It might sound obvious, but not all of us put an effort in on a first date. Be it an issue of confidence, comfort or anything else, some of us simply don’t make an effort on a first date.

According to 86% of men, it’s absolutely essential in a partner, whilst 94% of women said the same about their potential partners.

Buy an Iron

Wrinkled clothes might not bother you, but in a first date setting where we’re subconsciously scanning for signifiers of personality, they send a pretty negative message. In fact, according to those who answered the survey, it’s the biggest fashion faux-pas you can commit, with 66% of respondents saying it’s a total no go.

Don’t Go Near These Clothing Items

Although wrinkled clothes ranked most highly amongst the fashion faux-pas, they certainly weren’t alone. Respondents tore into socks and sandals, Crocs, baggy clothes and dressing too young for your age (that’s us, over 50s!). Here’s the full list:

55% – Socks and sandals
53% – Crocs
50% – Baggy clothes
45% – Granny panties
45% – Boardshorts/swimwear
44% – Dressing too young for your age
39% – Pants that are too short/long
38% – Low-rise/slung pants
34% – Super tight shirts

Mention your Fashion in your Profile

There are many things which can help you get attention on online dating websites, but according to the survey, one of the best things you can do to make yourself more attractive to potential partners is to talk up your dress sense.

According to their analysis, profiles which include the term “dressing up” see a 135% increase in inbound messages, followed by “stylish” (134% more interest), “fashionable” (105% more interest) and “trendy” (96% more interest). So, if any of those descriptors fit you, don’t be afraid of stating it – it could be the key to love.

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