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Women: Dating Destiny is in your Hands

Dating, at any age, can be an extremely nerve-wracking thing. It requires that we put ourselves out there in the public eye, that we allow ourselves to be judged and make ourselves emotionally vulnerable to somebody else.

When you’re over 50, there are even more complications to add. Many of us have gone through long, tough relationships and have since found that opening ourselves up is extra-difficult. We ask ourselves all sorts of silly questions like “am I even worth dating?”, “can I still flirt?” and “how can I find somebody at my age?”

But what so few of us mature women don’t realise is that our dating destiny is firmly within our grasp. All we need to do is stand up, reach out there and grab it. Here are two huge ways you can get back control of your dating life and, maybe, find that special somebody.

Join an Online Dating Website

Perhaps the primary reason why so many of women over 50 feel as though they’ll never date again is simply that meeting new people as you get older is hard.

Our lives are busier than they’ve ever been, many of us have families to look after and time-consuming jobs to attend to. Quite frankly, where are we meant to find the time to meet somebody new?

The answer is through a mature online dating website like Maturity Dating. Wildly popular and growing more so by the day, online dating platforms present you with potentially thousands of local single people your age so you can quickly and easily find that special somebody. Spark up a conversation and see where it goes – it’s the easiest way to meet somebody new.

Be the First to Message

So much of the way we act in courtship is influenced by centuries-old social etiquette, particularly how we approach the opening exchanges in a relationship.

Women are discouraged from approaching their potential partner first, a decidedly Victorian notion which stems from the “women shouldn’t speak until they’re spoken to” school of thought. The benefits of striking up a conversation online first though are clear.

A new study by a major online dating website has shown that women often do not send the first message. Astonishingly, women are 3.5x less likely to message the man first and only send around 4 messages first, compared to 14 for men. Unlike men who message first, women who send the first missive are 2.5x more likely to get a response.

Pair that with the fact that, according to the study, you end up talking to more attractive people and you’ve got a huge reason to make the first move. On average, men send messages to women 5% more attractive than themselves. However, women who message first do so to men 7% more attractive than themselves.

Best of all? The same advice applies for women who are searching for women. Taking that leap of faith and messaging first might seem daunting, but it’s a fantastic way to ensure that you’re in control of your love life.

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