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Women: How to Dress to Impress

Your appearance sends thousands of signals to your date before you even say hello. This certainly doesn’t mean that you should dress in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or is a complete departure from your usual style. What it does mean is that you should spend some time and care considering what you will wear and how you want to present yourself on your date. Not only will this help you to put your best possible self forward on your date, it also gives you a great excuse to spend a little time pampering and relaxing pre-date. This is especially important if you are feeling butterflies about the prospect of meeting someone new. Follow our advice below to uncover your best look for your next date.

Stick to What You Love

If you have a particular colour, fabric or style that you love – embrace it on your date. If red makes you smile, pull on your favourite red blouse or if you have a go-to blazer, choose it. The key is not to try and change who you are to please your date. Of course, you could opt for a full style overhaul before you meet but will that really represent who you are? Wear a look that makes you happy and shows your date the real you.

Buy Something New

A new purchase is a great way to achieve a boost of confidence before your date. This is an easy way to calm jangling nerves and can be really helpful if you are new to the older dating scene. It doesn’t have to be a large or expensive purchase. Something as simple and small as a new lipstick or scarf is the perfect treat and can help you feel gorgeous as you meet someone new.

Stay Comfortable and Smart

There is nothing as distracting on a date as fighting against a too tight dress or trying to walk around in sky-high heels. A great date outfit should feel as good as it looks so always try on your outfit in full before you head out and check you can walk and sit comfortably in it. Choose smart, classic shapes that aren’t too revealing and that won’t leave you feeling hugely under or overdressed. Quite simply, keep it classic, sensible and comfortable.

Remember the Details

The most beautiful outfit in the world will come undone if your hair is a frazzled mess or if you did your make-up in a hurry in the back of the cab. Build time into your schedule to ensure you are groomed to look your best. Make sure your hair, nails, and makeup (if you wear it) are neat and well done. If you don’t feel confident in your beauty routine, ask a friend to help or treat yourself to a trip to the beauty parlour. Your shoes and bag will add the final touch to your outfit so make sure they are clean and smart.

The key to dressing to impress is confidence. Design your look around what makes you feel good and your date is sure to be head over heels with the results.

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