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Is It Worth Online Dating During the Summer?

Summer is almost here and with it are longer, brighter days, endless warm evenings, cheerier souls and more spring in everyone’s step. It’s the hottest time of the year and, traditionally, a period where we’re all more confident in our ability to find a partner.

Oddly, it’s also a season where most people believe online dating is popular than, say, at the start of the year when people are setting their goals.

Whilst it’s true that January is a bumper time for new people joining mature dating websites, it’s also true that every season gets a bump in new users, as people using the changing of the season as a point of reflection and decide that simply waiting for love to find them is nothing short of folly.

But is it worth using online dating during the summer? After all, with more opportunities to spend time outside, aren’t you better off doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way?

Of course it is! Here’s why:

Everyone’s more open to going out

The cold winter months mean we tend to spend more time at home and more time chatting before we meet up. For those of us who prefer to test chemistry in person, it can be something of a struggle to convince potential dates to brave the ice-cold weather and dark days to meet up.

During summer though, that’s not an issue. The warmer weather means meeting up in public is comfortable, outdoor dates are easier and more. Coupled with the brighter evenings it means that rather than being stuck in a bar or restaurant, you’re free to wander the streets chatting.

You’ve got a higher chance of meeting people

It’s an undisputed fact that it’s easier to meet new people during summer, for obvious reasons. Sometimes that encourages us to ditch online dating and put our efforts into spontaneously meeting new people.

But what if you took that higher probability and combined it with the high-success rate enjoyed by those using online dating? You’re doubling your chances of finding that special somebody in an instant.

There are more options for dates

Dating throughout most of the year is a pretty predictable affair, one that’s centred around getting indoors as quickly as possible and staying there as long as possible. Whether that’s in a bar, a restaurant or at the cinema.

During summer though, your potential date locations explode in numbers. Warm, dry days mean it’s possible to spend entire days wandering parks, country houses or the countryside. Meanwhile, clement evenings mean there’s less need to spend hours in crowded, noisy public spots, enabling you both to get to know each other better.

You can get a great offer on premium dating

At Mature Dating, we work tirelessly to make dating for over 50 singles as easy as possible. Part of that means making online dating’s premium options affordable for all. Luckily, if you sign up this month (June) and use the code ‘SPRING40’, you can save an incredible 40% off your summer dating exploits – perfect for lining up those amazing dates!

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