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Why Is There a Shortage of Educated Men on Dating Sites?

Where are all the single educated men? For some straight, single women, there certainly seems to be a man shortage going on. Specifically, a shortage of men educated to degree level and beyond.

This is not only a frustrating anomaly but one that is leaving lots of single female graduates scratching their heads. Where are these well-educated men and how do we find them?

This isn’t an isolated problem. A single dating site or geographical area that is skewing the figures. Across the board, there are less well-educated men actively dating and the reasons for this are surprising.

We looked a little closer at this strange phenomenon and the ways women can change the odds in their favour, below

There are simply less-educated men

The cold truth is that there are more women being educated at degree level than men and this seems to be a trend that is growing. The result? There are 4 college-educated women for every 3 college-educated men. As this group grows older the majority of single men get swallowed up – leaving single graduate women out in the cold.

The problem is growing

In the US by 2027 it is projected that 47% more women than men will go to college. And it’s a trend that is being seen across the western world. This means this problem will get compounded year on year.

Women are unlikely to cross ‘dating lines’

For many women dating outside of their comfort zone or comfort ‘group’ is a straight no. Women are less likely to class or educational lines when it comes to dating and this pushes numbers of educated single women up.

How can well-educated women improve their chance of meeting a well-educated guy?

 Seek out highly-educated, male-dominated industries

By working or living in areas with high densities of male-dominated, well-educated professions. If you are working in a tech or engineering centred industry or living in an area with a high number of organisations related to these industries this pushes your probability of finding a compatible and well-educated man up significantly.

Change your criteria

If you accept that this is a real (and frankly mathematical) problem then perhaps women need to think a little more creatively about their dating checklist. Perhaps by opening the door to men who may not have the same educational attainment but have lots of other things that are important in a relationship we can learn to develop better ‘cross-border’ marriages.

The shortage of well-educated men on the dating scene is, in many ways, a reflection of how quickly our modern society is changing. Perhaps by shining a light on these behaviours we can change some of our ingrained and often traditional rules about relationships and find a new way to date. A more equal way that stops viewing online dating as a way to fulfil a shopping list and instead as a way to reach out and make connections.

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