Success Stories, Vol 1.

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At the mature dating site, we’re proud to have brought countless single and mature daters together over the years. Dating over 50 isn’t traditionally the easiest thing, but online dating has given a fantastic platform to those of us looking for that special somebody. Every now and then, we hear about a fantastic success story […]

Success Stories, Part Two.

fall in love over 50

Anyone can fall in love, or so the song goes. However, for older dating people like us, it can be much harder than we remember. That’s why we set up Maturity Dating as one of the leading online senior dating agencies in the UK. Over the years we’ve brought together countless happy couples, and once […]

Dating Tips for Women and Men

Women – It’s an unfortunate fact, but dating rarely gets easier as we grow older. It’s not harder, per se, but it retains the challenges we encounter in our youth and, just for fun, changes a few things we thought we knew all along. Whether you’re somebody who’s never found the right person or you’re […]

The Three Steps to Dealing with a Bad Date

Bad Date Tips

Dating in 2019 is faster, more fun and more inclusive than ever before. Thanks largely to mature online dating websites, many people over 50 are going on more first dates than they did in their twenties! It’s amazing news, with more of us finding special people than we ever would have just two decades ago. […]

How Long Should You Wait Before Meeting Up After Chatting Online?

how long to wait online dating

For many of us, mature dating is entirely uncharted territory. We’d grown tired of waiting for love to find us and, instead, decided to get online and find love for ourselves. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the messages to start rolling in (provided you took the time to build a profile!) and, before […]

How to Create a Dating Profile

How to Create a Dating Profile Ever wondered how to create a dating profile that says, hello there, here I am, waiting to meet that special someone? Something that is an interesting introduction but not so in-depth that it takes an hour to read. Hopefully, you will find our mature dating guide helpful. What are […]

Managing your Dating Expectations

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For mature, over 50 daters, the rise of online dating has meant a total revolution in our love lives. No longer limited to those who we happen to meet in our everyday lives or who our friends happen to think we’d get along with, online dating has meant that we’re meeting new people at a […]

What are the Secrets Behind the Most Popular Dating Profiles?

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Online dating, it sometimes seems, is something of a guessing game. Oh, sure, we put together our profiles, but how do we know we’re doing it right? Our profiles are the primary way people get to know us online. If they’re interested enough afterwards, they’ll get in touch to spark a conversation. So, if your […]

The Hidden Tricks Behind Beautiful Profile Pictures

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If you’ve ever been on a dating website before, you’ll quickly notice one thing above all else – there’s a huge variance in the types of profile pictures you see. Some feature the person surrounded by friends, others are of people alone in their home, some are at parties and others don’t even feature the […]

A guide to choosing an engagement ring for your second marriage

Engagement Ring

Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery, shares his expert tips for buying an engagement ring for marriage later in life. Any engagement — whether or not you’ve been married before — is always a momentous occasion, and you no doubt want every detail of your proposal to be perfect. But, even if this isn’t the first […]