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Stories from our Users: Finding Love Despite Disfigurement

disabled over 50 dating

Peter, 51, had always struggled to find love after an accident when he just a boy. Here’s his story about finding love with Tracey, 56, despite disfigurement. I was your typical teenage boy; a rascal always looking for fun and mischief with my friends. I was one of the popular kids in our neighbourhood and […]

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What Does and Doesn’t Work When Online Dating

online dating advice

By and large, online dating websites follow the same pattern that traditional dating methods do when you’re courting. First, you catch each other’s attention, then you start speaking and maybe, just maybe, something special will come out of it. Nevertheless, if you’re new to online dating you might feel like you’re adrift in a sea […]

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Is Online Dating For me? Mature Dating Advice For The Mature Woman.

can i online date

Online dating has rid itself of the stigma it once had and is now the number one way to meet fellow singles. Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, there are countless websites and apps that cater specifically to the older generation, promising to match you with a like-minded man with just a few simple clicks of […]

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Where to find Love over 50?

online dating for seniors

Getting back into the online dating scene over 50 can feel like a somewhat surreal experience. For many of us, we’ve spent a good chunk of our past in relationships, and the thought of being without one into our fifties and beyond can feel like you’re at sea without an anchor. Whether we’ve been married, […]

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