Divorced Over 50? Here’s How to Start Dating Again

Dating over 50

Going through a divorce is a life-changing experience. It’s a challenging task to free yourself from emotional baggage, but it can be done. After going through a recovery process, you start to feel the need for human connection again. You heard of online dating but may have dismissed it as something for the socially recluse. […]

How to stay young in your 60s

Young looking 60 year old

You’ve heard the saying that 40 is the new 30, so certainly 60 is the new 50! In the past, women in their sixties were considered senior citizens, and were expected to dress and act like ‘old biddies.’ Today, celebs like Madonna (61), Christie Brinkley (66), and Goldie Hawn (74) look and feel their best, […]

Featured on DatingAdvice.com

Those nice people at datingadvice.com have produced a feature on yours truly and the Maturity Dating website. Here is a brief snippet. If you want to read the whole story then please follow the highlighted link Featured on DatingAdvice.com Maturity dating is dedicated to helping British singles over 50 find companionship and love online. The niche […]

First Date Conversation: Our Top Tips

first date conversation ideas

First dates are, all at once, everything brilliant and terrifying about dating. They’re a heady rush of emotions, blending nerves and excitement into one truly unforgettable experience. Those nerves come primarily from the fact that first dates are all about conversation and, for many of us, that’s something that strikes fear into our hearts. Oh, […]

When Should You Leave an Online Dating Service?

when to leave a dating website

It might sound odd for an online dating website to write about, but there comes a time in your life when – we hope – you’re no longer a member of our website. It’s not because we don’t think you’re wonderful, of course, it’s because if we’re doing our job right you won’t need to […]

Spring is in the Air: Save 40% on Premium Subscriptions Using ‘SPRING40’

With the UK bathed in (uncharacteristically) glorious sunshine and summer’s endless evenings just around the corner, there can be no doubting that it’s the perfect time to meet that special new somebody. At Maturity Dating UK, we’ve helped countless people find the love that they deserve, but we know that it’s not always the right […]

How to Sign Up for Maturity Dating

How to sign up for mature online dating

One of our great pleasures as a mature dating website is that, often, we introduce online dating to those who’ve never tried it before. For hundreds of millions of people across the world, online dating has transformed their lives, bringing love and happiness to individuals who thought they’d never see it again. That’s doubly the […]

The Theories Behind Love at First Sight

scientific evidence

Love at first sight. It’s a concept we’re all familiar with, regardless of whether we actually believe in it. The notion that somewhere out there is an individual so special that all it takes is a glance before we’re head over heels is an intensely romantic one and, at least for some of us, it […]

How to Beat those Pre-Date Nerves

how to beat nerves dating

Dating, for all of its wondrous potential, can be absolutely terrifying. We’re putting ourselves out there, risking our pride and taking a step into the unknown – all for the opportunity to find love. The only issue is, for many of us, our fears get in the way of our enjoyment (and sometimes even attendance) […]