How to sign up for mature online dating

How to Sign Up for Maturity Dating

One of our great pleasures as a mature online dating website is that, often, we introduce online dating to those who’ve never tried it before. For hundreds of millions of people across the world, online dating has transformed their lives, … Read More

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What are the Secrets Behind the Most Popular Dating Profiles?

Online dating, it sometimes seems, is something of a guessing game. Oh, sure, we put together our profiles, but how do we know we’re doing it right? Our profiles are the primary way people get to know us online. If … Read More

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The Theories Behind Love at First Sight

Love at first sight. It’s a concept we’re all familiar with, regardless of whether we actually believe in it. The notion that somewhere out there is an individual so special that all it takes is a glance before we’re head … Read More

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How to Beat those Pre-Date Nerves

Dating, for all of its wondrous potential, can be absolutely terrifying. We’re putting ourselves out there, risking our pride and taking a step into the unknown – all for the opportunity to find love. The only issue is, for many … Read More

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Mature Online Dating Not Working for You? Here’s What to Do Next

Online dating has, in many ways, fundamentally altered the way we meet new people as we grow older. As our social circle shrinks and we begin to spend more time with family than we do meeting new friends, our ability … Read More

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Mature Dating and Texting: Everything you need to Know

Whether you’re 16 or 61, dating remains as confusing, anxiety-inducing and – quite frankly – amazing as always. Meeting somebody new, getting to know them and letting your relationship develop into something remarkable is a sensation that simply can’t be … Read More

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New Year, New Mature Dating Opportunities

For lots of us, the New Year is something of a bittersweet time. On the face of it, it shouldn’t mean anything at all. After all, it’s just another day in just another month in just another year. There’s been … Read More

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How to Navigate Christmas When You’re in a New Relationship

Christmas is but a few short weeks away, and almost everywhere we look, we’re reminded of our festive obligations. There are gifts to buy, food to prepare, plans to make and work to be done before the big day arrives … Read More

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How to Offer a Compliment

There are some things in life which are deceptively difficult to get right. Birthday presents, movie choices and the right pair of glasses, to name just a few. It’s the same in dating too, especially in the modern era. These … Read More

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The Physical Effects of Falling in Love

Dating over 50 can feel like an entirely new world – especially if you’ve been off the market for some time. Time has a funny habit of making us forget about what dating feels like, and what falling in love … Read More